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Ford Mondeo 1.8Tdci 57Reg Starting Problem


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Hi i have recently had a fuel pump fuel rail fuel pressure switch new glow plugs injectors and the fuel system cleaned out as i had starting problems since they was fitted the car runs a lot better when i can start it !!

The problem i have now is i have to put the clutch in to start it and sometimes it takes ages to start if i can get it to start it turns over but wont fire up then sometimes it will start first time. I had the mechanic to check it with his diagnostic m/c everything electrical is working there are no faults showing. He says that its the dmf and i need to replace it and i may aswell get a clutch kit aswell. Does any1 know if that is the problem as its another huge exspense.

Please help

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It might be, as filings from the failing DMF can find their way into the starter motor.

When you have the car running in neutral, do you have a rattling noise that comes and goes as you press the clutch in? That, and the filings in the starter are common signs of a DMF failure.

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If that's the case then I'd say your DMF is fine - or as close to fine as these cursed dual-mass things ever get. What was their rationale for thinking it was failing?

Has the garage tested the battery? You should be seeing a constant voltage of around 12.4V with the engine off, rising to 14.4V with it running at idle.

Also, have they actually inspected the starter motor?

Oh, and just to clarify, you didn't have any starting problems prior to them doing work on the car? If that's correct, then the cynic in me says that they're just grabbing at straws telling you the DMF needs changed. Because based solely on what you've said, I don't think it does.

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Not sure on batt test i think starter has been checked and they just keep putting it dwn to dmf as he says its no inline or sumat like that i was still in shock with the bill lol. And no it started (when it started) with key and throtal b4 all this

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