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Plugging Laptop In Cigarette Lighter?

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Have a quick question. I'm not clued up when it comes to electrics so thought I'd ask you guys :)

I have an old laptop, around 10 years old. I use it in the car for diagnostics, only problem is the battery is dead so I have to run an extension lead all the time which is hassle and on wet days cannot do it.

I have looked into buying a replacement battery but cheapest I could find was £25, which isn't bad but i wondered if there is a cheaper way.

Can I plug my laptop into one of these adaptors:

Car Charger DC 12V to AC 110/240V Power Converter Inverter Adapter for GPS IPOD | eBay

It seems cheap compared to other types and if I did use one of these would it damage my car/laptop?

This is the specs of the laptop if required:

Satellite A40-241 - Toshiba

Posted this in general as it applies to all vehicles

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You can use an inverter.

But, that particular one you linked to is from China so what you'll probably do is set your car, yourself and your laptop on fire due to it not having passed any British Standards safety tests whatsoever.

If you want an inverter then get a proper one, like this (which is £40): http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/nikkai-12v-modified-sinewave-150w-inverter-with-usb-charging-socket-a00jz

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