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Hi, just looking for a bit of general advice/help. My 05 mondeo 115 tdci has packed up. 100,000 on the clock. I have had problems with warm starts which were put down to needing a software update. However yesterday it was a pig to start, it did eventually, ran high on the idle, I set off thinking it would correct itself and it stalled and wouldn't start again but would crank over. Got a tech guy out today and it showed up no error codes so we replaced the cam sensor. It then started with jump leads and its undriveable. Unbelievable knocking noise from the engine and we discovered that a camshaft screw was really loose. Are we right is suspecting this is a catastrophic camshaft problem and beyond economical repair. Sorry I am not more technical about it but any advice would be appreciated. I did have the timing belt replaced about 3 years ago and its done about 18,000 in that time.

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Thanks for the replies. Had taken to bits today for curiosity so thought I would post for anyone interested but the car is beyond economical repair. 3 front castings on the head completely cracked caused by a camshaft being defective causing vibration and movement working the screws loose (they were actually bent) resulting in stress on the castings and eventual cracking. It has all original gaskets and had never been touched. i may not have the terminology right but you may be able to make sense of it.

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