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Halogen To Xenon Bulb Upgrade


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Good morning

I have an S-Max Titanium with Ford’s Adaptive Front Light System headlights with standard halogen bulbs fitted. The headlights are the projector type.

I have fitted LED sidelights and would like to upgrade the standard dipped & main beam bulbs to match the white LED Bulbs.

Can anyone recommend bulbs which will match the bright white light of the LED Bulbs ?

I also plan to install Daytime Running Lights so would like them all to look similar instead of the yellow standard halogen bulbs.

Thanks in advance.

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If you want to legally match the colour you will need to retro fit xenon headlamps - the complete units including the self levelling motors and power wash nozzles. This won't be cheap - the units are about £350 each side and that doesn't include the washing system & I would imagine an IDS session would be needed to programme the BCM to make them work properly.

Don't be tempted to fit HID bulbs in the existing units - they are illegal and may see your insurance invalidated in the event of an accident.

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Thank you for your reply.

I secifically did not refer to retro-fitting HID bulbs as I know they are no substitute for an OEM complete HID headlight installation.

The "Xenon bulb" in the title of the post refers to "Xenon gas bulbs" - it's confusing I know because many manufacturers describe H7 bulbs as being Xenon meaning "filled with xenon gas".

I would like to know which H7 bulbs will give the closest colour temperature to a HID bulb.

For example Philips Bluevision Ultra claim to be the "Closest match to Xenon HID".

I would welcome any recommendations from someone who has already fitted different H7 bulbs.

And for that matter new H1 bulbs for Main, and H11 bulbs for Fog lights so they are all the same colour.


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I have in the past tried all kinds of "bluevision" style lights to make them look like xenon - and my experience has been very negative - against the crisp white of an LED they still look yellow. I did once buy some Electric Blue bulbs which did actually look like xenons when fitted but they gave off so little light they were almost dangerous on a wet unlit road.

From experience, PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs are about as white as you will get - and they put out an awful lot of light (equivalent to 110W) - whilst still being road legal and won't melt your wiring.

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