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Map Sensor Change Focus

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Hello all,

New to Ford owners club forum.

Serviced my 2003 1600 Focus this week and decided to investigate an intermittent idling issue also. The engine does not produce a steady idle, it purges between 1000 - 1250 rpm. Its also always i seemed to run a bit rich ever since I had it. When I took it for its last mot the mechanic said this was most likely a faulty maf sensor.

After buying a new Maf sensor I found out that (I should have checked this before) , my facelift model has a Map sensor instead.

Has anyone ever changed one of these and is it a likely cause of the problem? It looks like to change it Im going to need to take the intake manifold and possibly the alternator off to get at it. A much bigger job than changing the Maf on an earlier model.

The car has also had new plugs , leads and a new coil pack.

Cheers .

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Often, sensors are changed , because the data the sensor is reading appears out of range, sometimes, the data really is out of range - and the sensor was working perfectly

if its a Bosch T-MAP sensor it is usually fairly reliable - there are many reasons that are not the MAP sensor tat would cause purging, oops i mean surging, and a rich mixture

Check the crankcase breather hoses for leaks , the PCV valve for bieng gunged up, the idle control valve (if fitted) you did not mention replacing the air filter (a dirty air filter can cause a rich mixture)

But most of all - invest in an OBD code reader/ have the codes read - this could save you a fortune buying things you don't need

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