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Mondeo Titanium X Business Sat Nav


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I have had my 2013 Mondeo for about 3 months and have so far had at least 4 occasions where it has refused to accept that a post code exists, all places that I have visited before in my previous car (Insignia) using the post code function on the satnav without any problems.

Is the factory sat nav on this model really this bad or am I missing something?

The SD card claims to be BS7T-19H449-CAD Version 4

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I thought these sat nav units were dvd based not as card?

I can't think of a reason why it won't recognise a post code, can you find the location by inputting the road name?

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Thanks for the replies.

My satnav has an sad card fitted behind the bit of facia with the radio volume knob on it.

It does accept and work with most post codes but I have had a number of post codes which it doesn't recognise.

You get to a point in the code where the touchscreen only displays the letters which it thinks are possible and the letter or number I need is no longer displayed.

These are not new areas either, they have been well established ares of towns, some close to other post codes which do work.

Yes I can put the street address in and do it that way but the whole idea of the post code is that I shouldn't have to do that. And often these places were businesses and all I had with me was the business name and post code.

I have never had this problem with any other satnav.

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