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Injectors - Delphi/bosch/other?


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I'm going to have to deal with my injector problem sooner or later. Haven't even done any diagnostics yet but I know at least one is going.

I've noticed a couple of things - first, brand. Delphi ideally, but Bosch ones seem to be a hell of a lot cheaper?

Also, is it correct that Mondeo and Jaguar X-type injectors are identical?

Anything I need to watch out for with this job? I live at the ar$e-end of nowhere, so don't want to land myself with a non-runner. I can't NOT have a car.

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With the injectors, I believe the Dephi and Bosch use two different fuel pumps, if I am not mistaken, I think that the Bosch are for TDDI and the Delphi are for the TDCI... I am not sure for definite though!

if Bosch are the cheaper but equal counterpart, I will bare that in mind! as well as that though, would the injector coding not be different for the Bosch vs Dephi?

I would probably say, get the number of a mobile injector pro, just in case it doesnt work, but at the end of the day, if you cant get the new ones working, just put and code the old ones as is and put it back to its former state?

Oh, and a quick search shows apparently, the X Type was based ont he MK3 Mondeo! between Ebay and WhatCar, there seems to be a lot of common shared interest to suggest that the two cars are indeed using the same injectors! :)


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BigD, did you make any progress on this one? I am more and more curious as I am looking to buy into this and want to know what costs to expect in the event I need to replace the injectors!

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No, not really. But given that the Mondeo comes with Delphi injectors, I'm inclined to replace like-for-like, for the sake of saving a few quid and risking it being wrong.

Haven't even got around to doing a leak-off test yet.

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James is right - Delphi are for the TDCI and Bosch are for the TDDI

The reason the (bosch) TDDI ones are so much cheaper is because they are simple, mechanical injectors, they do not need to be coded, they have no electronic/ electric parts they will not work on TDCIs, you would need to fit a TDDI fuel pump (the TDDI 115 uses a vp-44 pump) it would basically mean converting a TDCI to a TDDI

The delphi injectors were designed for old style high-sulphor diesel, they tend to wear out quicker on modern low solphor diesel (that they were never designed for)

Some owners add a little veg oil or 2-stroke oil to help lubricate the injectors better

The TDCI injectors are electronic, they are coded to the ECU,- even secondhand/ refurbed. they are expensive, new ones are extortionate - on the TDDI, the injectors are cheap but the (rotary VP44) pump is expensive

If you want to no anything about Mondeo Mk3s, especially tuning them , speak to me, the organ grinder, not the monkey(s) on other sites :lol: As you will often get the wrong, or conflicting information, even the wiki is full of mistakes / misinformation or peoples (wrong) opinions (in my opinion :) )

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A good read there foca, I just wish that the injectors could be found cheaper although a site called mondeo spares offers refurb for 99 pounds per injector.

A local diesel injector specialist quoted over 700 quid and two days to do a complete refurb and reinstall recode etc, he's a one man band who seems to come highly recommended and said most the injectors he plays with are mondeo...

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