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2009 1.6 Petrol Focus Intermittent Start Problem

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Hi, we have a 59 Ford Focus, it is a 1.6 petrol automatic and have an intermittent problem with starting.

Most often it starts but for the first ~20s it is lumpy with low power, after this first period of lumpyness it runs just fine. Sometimes it doesn't start, when this happens it fires up and dies immediately. When the failure to start occurs I find loading the engine (putting it into gear) can help to keep it running. Once running and the car is past the first ~20 seconds it will stay running and seems fine. Every time it fails to start the yellow engine dashboard light comes on.

We have had a mechanic look at this twice. First he changed air filter and plugs, it seemed to improve for a while and then became worse. Next visit he said the fault codes were asking for more fuel and changed the O2 sensor. Now another few days later it has again failed to start, can someone please help?

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