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Starter Motor Broke And Fell Into Engine????


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52 plate 2.0 tdci mondeo.Hi all. My starter motor stopped working the other day so i took it off to replace it and the starter had actually broke.the wheel that engages with the flywheel had come off its spindle. That's ok you may say BUT the spindle WASNT in the starter still so im assuming its fell down by the flywheel. I've had a poke in there (with the limited room you have) and couldnt feel anything. I have put the new starter on and its starts ok and thought oh well but its been playing on my mind now.

Where do you think it would of fell? Into the bellhousing??

Any ideas on how to retrieve it??

Is it likely to cause me any problems??

Any help.or info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I think the only place it can go is into the bell housing!

I don't know if the box can be unbolted and pulled back to give just enough room to retrieve it?

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one way to try and retreve it is with a flexable inspection camera which has a magnetic pickup on, this could be inserted through the starter hole, a local garage might be able to do this for you.

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