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Cd Player Surround Removal

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I have a mk 6 fiesta . Facelift one with the sony audio ... I want to remove the panels from around the cd player but as I am thick I don't know where to start. Anyone any ideas ??? Thanks

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Good start might be the radio itself. The removal tools go in the 4 slots. Once the radio is removed you can get a better idea where to go from then.

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Remember to check you have your radio code first!

Remove the radio using the correct keys-


Unplug the connector block and aerial connector.

post-28494-0-94642800-1394291505_thumb.j post-28494-0-64547000-1394291428_thumb.j

Once the radio is out you will see a two screws (one on either side of the trim), remove those and pull the trim firmly but carefully off the dash to unlatch the clips.

You will usually find that the screws are Torx so the correct bits for a multi head screwdriver or a set of Torx screwdrivers will be very handy.

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It should be in your manual on a little card. When you disconnect power, it needs a code to enable it again once you start it up, much like a password on your computer! it wont work until you put the password in, and it will only look pretty till you do! forget or dont have the code, and you arent getting anywhere without an expensive trip to the dealer :p

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Alright well thanks for the heads up. Had a look into it and got the keys for the stereo from eBay. Thanks

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