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05 2Litre 130Bhp Engine Problem

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I have the car in title.....

Had it a week and done 800-1000 miles in that week with no problems at all! 2 miles from home tonight its starts making rough sounding noises ,like a blowing exhaust....so I drive to kwikk fit......no problem with exhaust he says........nothing visible......so he plugs it in.....no code......

This car is an 05 with 112k on clock and ffsh and receipt for every service tire bulb and mot and tax disc was included in my folder....

So it's not been abused

Any ideas????

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When the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve opens it can make a rough sound tike the exhaust is blowing from one cylinder (because, in a way, it is) - its a kind of "off beat" sound- this can happen if the EGR is playing up or if it is working "normally" (if you can call injecting the engines waste product/s back into the inlet "normal")

Other things to wach out for is the DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) wich can wear out, this can cause vibration and/ or metal swarf to affect the crank position sensor

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