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Ford Super F Mk 2 Fault Code Scanner

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Hi All

Ive got the dreaded Flashing Glow Plug Light coming on if i boot it past 3000rpm in 3rd gear. If the car is warmed up i can just turn it off and the light goes off until i go over 3000 in 3rd :wacko:

I have bought a

Ford Super F MK 2 Fault Code Scanner

and put it on the obd ii port the car is a 2005 euro 4 2.0 tdci Mondeo . I read the DTC and it comes up with

P1000 ODB systems readiness test not complete


The Live Data is as follows



The Second pic is after the Glow plug light is flashing the EGRp reads 0 and doesnt change.

Any Help greatly appreciated thanks Steve :)

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That error code means the turbo vanes/actuator are stuck. The turbo either needs replacing, or completely stripping and cleaning.

I don't recommend replacing it, as there's nothing wrong with the turbo that a good clean won't fix, and it'll only happen again over time anyway even with a new turbo. Plus, cleaning it is much cheaper. I had a mechanic mate sort mine - took him most of the day and he charged me £200. So I'd expect a repair bill of at least that amount.

Keep your RPM under 2k until you've got it sorted, otherwise you'll bust the actuator.

Oh, by the way - you can ignore the P1000 code as it isn't a fault code as such. You'll see it quite often. Not 100% sure exactly what it does mean, but the bottom line is there's nothing wrong if that's the only code you've got.

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