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Outer Door Seals On A Ford Edge 2011 Taped On And Double Sided Taped From Behind.

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Hi guys,

Im looking for some advice, and also if this is a common problem for this model. Forgive my ignorance but I've been a Skoda driver for years. Yes i am used to dodgy door seals before you say it.

I bought my car second hand ( 1from the local Ford dealer on the 20th December 2013.

I've noticed moisture inside the car but took it that the air-conditioning was to blame. (Not a lot of moisture but enough to slightly freeze on the inside of the windscreen this past week).

Whilst a passenger got out this morning i noticed the seal hanging and stuck on with black gaffer tape..

On closer inspection the seal was also double sided taped from the chassis to the seal.


This car was on the fore court for at least 2 to 3 months before i purchased it. The car is 3 years old in October so i would hope this will be corrected for free, as it is not fit for purpose.

Im concerned a ford dealer would sell a product with obvious "disguising of a problem".

I have read its a £85 a door cost but would this be part of the warranty ?

Any help would be grateful.


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Yes, it's a very well known issue. Mine has always done it also, only on passenger side.

The only thing that will get it in place permanently is tigerseal.

Ford *may* replace it under warranty (don't hold breath) but if you want a better job done, do it yourself.

Hope this helps?

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