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Mk1 Td Injection Pump For Free


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I was clearing out my shed today and found something I forgot I had.

About five years ago my son had a M plate Mk1 TD. Long story but garage messed up cambelt change and snapped the new cambelt on the test run. They sourced and fitted a new head but when my son got the car back it started ran badly. They rechecked the timing and said it was fine. They reckoned it was an unrelated fueling issue and after I eliminated the fuel filter/primer they said they thought it was the injection pump. I bought a pump from a scrappy for about £100 and decided not to trust the garage with the job.

I timed up the crank/cam/pump prior to stripping it down and discovered the timing was quite a bit out. To cut a long story short, the garage hadn't realised that there were different lengths of timing pins for different Ford models. They had used the wrong pin to set the crank position. I used the correct pin and when I timed the belt, it ran like a dream. The garage admitted their mistake and gave my son some money back but I was left with a pump that I didn't need or use.

So the pump (which is untested) is going down the tip on Wednesday. If anyone want's it for free and can collect from Thetford, Norfolk..... they are welcome to it. They don't have to collect before Wednesday, just let me know they want it before then. I can unpack the pump and get the exact part number if anyone is interested.

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