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Mondeo - Less Miles Mk3 - Or More Miles Mk4?

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So as part of my farce with the insurance company, my grandfather has stepped in and kindly offered to help me out with a loan to get a car sorted. so here is my conundrum!

There are MK3 Mondeo's - up to 160,000 miles for up to 2K local to me, alternatively, there are some MK4's which are 180,000 and one unspecified mileage.... those are for 2.7K - now, my condumdrum is - which is the better option!

As long as they have a full service history then they should be worth getting a few quid knocked off and taking a high miler, but, is the high mileage on a MK4 mondeo a bad thing? (probably 1.8L TDCI)

I believe that it is chain driven not belt, and I dont believe it has the injector issues.... which is why I wonder if this would be the best bet?

Thoughts would be appreciated!


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Are they cam belt or chain do you know? or is it engine specific?

I am looking around and there are some for £3.5K which are 127k miles on a 2007 plate, higher mileage, but to be fair, should be a keeper! as long as its a chain and doesnt have foolish issues like injectors, then alls good with the world!

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This is the one I currently have my eye on!


Any thoughts in particular?

Also, if I was to offer a cash buy, what do you recon I could negotiate the price too?

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My personal preference would advise against the mk3, I think the mk4 is an all round better option. Not only does it look better and newer, but the level of quality is a vast improvement over the mk3.

The Zetec model you have in that link looks to be a decent example. Personally I don't like the wheels but that's just me.

If it was my money I would go for the mk4 Zetec all the way

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Thanks Adam, I really am swaying towards it! wont be able to do anything for a week or so, so as it stands, I am going to wait and see, if its still there for me, then its meant to be!

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If your after a diesel get a mk4,i think we are all aware by now that a tdci mk3 is a practical joke (the tddi is a reliable workhorse but getting long in the tooth)^_^

55 Black V6 ghiax,s/s straight thru,57i cold fed,st spioler,6sp manual,black hekos,red brakes

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