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Rough Running 1.8 Tdci

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Hi everyone

I have just bought a 2006 Focus 18 tdci sport at auction which I am seriously kicking myself for now.

It sounds ok when I listened to it all be it quickly as it was just about to go to auction.

When I got in and started it up it starts easily as expected but sounds quite rough. tick over seems pretty quiet once it settles but if you touch the throttle it seems like its running on 3 cylinders with a knocking noise every so often!

It pulls well while driving but is rough and there is quite a bit of vibration which seems to be from the engine while driving.

Ive not had chance to open the bonnet for a look yet as had to dash when I got home to collect my wife.

Any ideas anyone?

timing belt not in correct position? clutch? (DMF Clutch?) bottom end? or would a bottom end not affect the running like this? car has done 110,000 miles.

Thanks for reading, any advise very welcome so I can decide what to do with it. :(

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Id purchase some redex and put it un with a tank of fuel,

Meanwhile log on to ebay and purchase an egr blanking plate made from stainless steel with no hole in the centre,

Gi to Halfords and purchase a can of wynnes engine flush for diesel engines.

When the tank of diesel has gone through,

Have your fuel filter changed and have the engine oil changed using the wynnes engine flush

And get that egr blank fitted.

You may wish to change the engine coolant too as its aroundabout time it was done too.

Check the condition of the induction filter aswell i recommend green cotton induction filter as a good upgrade for best fuel economy and performance.

If using a desktop pc

Click on my avator picture to view my profile page,

On that page you will see a link to green cotton induction guide,

In that guide there is a link to priracing in the uk along with a 10% discount code to purchase your filter.

The 1.8tdci engine is the best ford diesel engine there is,

All of the above are well worth doing to free up the engine and may fix your problem but if not they will certainly prolong the life of your turbo.

If it throws out blue smoke on first start after lying up for 10-12hrs then its a sign of a leaking fuel injector seal,

Because if leaking it will continue to pump fuel in to that cylinder when engine off, then chucking it when you start the engine.

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Thanks for the advise.

Do you think it could be something so simple? It really does run bad!

Its hard to tell but the 1.8tdci generally don't give much trouble,

Chances are buying from auction.. The car was most likely repossessed, so if repossessed then money was tight,

as result im sure the car hasn't been serviced in a while and run on cheap fuel,

this will clog the fuel filter and affect idle tick over,

But best to use somthing like redex to flush all from the tank to the fuel filter prior to changing the filter,

and blanking the egr is definitely going to improve driving.

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sorry to hijack, but isnt blue smoke due to cause of burnt oil/ oil seeping thro valve seals, pistons, scored bores etc or just too much oil in the engine so it throws it out of the exhaust...... as ive had my injectors re-seated and still a cloud of blue smoke comes out on initial start up but never any other time...

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vibration is through the steering wheel but you can sort of tell its from the engine.

Its very similar to a car I had a few years ago that I ended up having the clutch and DMF replaced which sorted it.

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dont no about dmf's so couldnt say... the other thing then is mounts, n bushes etccc just the common thing..... sorry carnt be of more help.... somebody will come along soon....

i know a sign of clutch judder is dmf on its way out

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when you buy a car a must is a major service just like what lenny has mentioned.... tbh he is bob on on everything (lenny i hate you lol)

Sorry martin,

Your alrite mate :D its ford i hate :ph34r:

Also ford alloys are made from cheese they buckle very easily causing the steering vibration

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Thanks chaps

Looking like a visit to the local garage to get it looked at. Sort of think the DMF has failed with how bad it sounds

Ive just sold a BMW to get something cheaper to run and wishing id stuck with it now.

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Now thats a nice skoda,

Rear tinted windows and silvatec bulbs with some colour coded light brows would set if off nicely mate,

Looks sweet, nice big rims too,

If ya have 1.5gbp left over after purchase buy yourself a levin bzr for the weekends :D after 3 years in a pud pud diesel nothing as therapeutic as screaming down an open road in a highly tuned petrol sounding like a bike with the windows down

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once the niggaly probs are sorted you will have a good motor.... just think of them as teething issues.....


Diesel is cheaper to run too,

Much like an Essex bird, high maintenance but gives a good ride

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lenny would you know

lenny would you know???????

I know one bird whom has the same statistics as an Essex one but an Irish accent,

And my Levin is also high maintenance much the same as the Essex bird with Irish accent

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Odd question Lenny, but, have you considered that perhaps (just maybe) comments such as the above might be related to the reason your not erm.... as you are claiming? :p


I'm happy with the car :lol:

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