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Used Ford Focus

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Diesel? Petrol?

What year? Mileage?

Few more deets if possible :) I just bought a Focus 1.6 diesel since i'll be doing 60 miles per day travelling. I heard that the diesel engines are very good.

Focus for 2.5k i bought one 3 years ago for about 2 grand which was an 02 plate with 77k on the clock. Watch out for the mk1 as some of them have a speedo issue (my experience) where it would just die for about 20 seconds. Didn't hurt the engine or anything but apparently was a sensor. I sold my car and went travelling so didn't need to fix it. It was an intermittent issue.

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If she's going to be making regular long journeys, get a diesel. For shorter journeys, a petrol would be better.

You could get yourself a very tidy Mk1/1.5 Focus for that money, I reckon.

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