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Fiesta Bluetooth Module In A Mondeo


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I've read over the forums and other pages on Google, but can't seem to find an answer, the best answer was trying it, and it doesn't work. nothing is displayed on the until, and apparently it should show a bluetooth sync code.

I have a Mondeo 2008 Titanium X, with bluetooth but only for calls, no streaming music.

I've bought a 8M5T-19C112-AP from a Fiesta which support AD2P, but like I said when connected and go to Auxiliary Input option, only AUX is displayed.

Is this possible, and I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks for any info


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Excuse the obvious, but have you switched the phone on, don't think it will offer code or b/t until it has something to pair with.

I have just upgraded my Mondeo 2010 (59) to a 8M5T-19C112-AP also from 2011 fiests so that's not a problem in its self, this unit also offers USB input for ipod and mp3 memory stick and mine works perfect including AD2P all plug and paly without any mods whatsoever, I understand some earlier Sony Head units were not compatible with AD2P but that shouldn't mean it will not pair, what is your firmware versions mine is Converse:1007, Radio:05-06-03

Hope this helps

OOps, just double checked mine and it does show Ipod,usb,b/t and Line in in Aux position when nothing on and usb memory stick removed but the first 3 are greyed out

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Thanks al2052,

Yeah, I go through the same process, radio on, phone, pair, iPhone see's Ford Audio, press that (the Mondeo is hard coded to 0000, but apparently this Fiesta model should show a random four digit code), but nothing comes up on the car screen, and just drops back to the radio (quits phone pairing process).

My headunit shows



BL: 02-05-44

CD: 3.0.06 L

FB: 06.00

EQ: 45



NVM target ROM 0803, is this my Converse?


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Yes mine did show a random code, not 0000, I did see on another forum that that certain Sony units after a particular firmware only support AD2P, done a search but unfortunately cannot find it but did find one that says your Sony firmware 04-05-02 does not support USB, maybe same for AD2P, My Sony unit is the 6CD Dab unit and it would appear a straight forward upgrade whilst not so easy for older units, not having had any problems with mine I don't think I can be of much further help and suggest you do a search because thier appears to be a lot with a similar problem

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