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Stolen Car Alert Pel 147G

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Dear Fellow ford enthusiasts,

I am appealing to all of you whom have owned or own and love your car.

On Tuesday 12th may I made the discovery that some low lifes took illegal possession from my mothers garage my cherished mk1 escort of 18 years. I ask that you please be aware if offered a car matching the description in the eBay advert below either contact myself or the police. Car was takes some time in the 2 weeks prior to the 12th from livings ton, west Lothian in Scotland. Please put the word out as this is the best chance I have for the car to be returned home and the idiots that taken it, well, brought to justice... A cash reward is on offer for information leading to the recovery of my baby.




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Hate to see things like this. I will keep my ears open in Liverpool for you. Really hope you get it back.

Any CCTV close to where the car was taken, eg shops, houses etc?

Good luck and keep us posted.

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by escortmad79 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:15 pm

Possible sighting of it on a trailer being towed by a Transit sized van last Sunday between 1.30 and 5pm at the junction of Maybury Casino heading towards Barnton Junction in Edinburgh, anyone around Edinburgh recall seeing anything?

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