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Good afternoon all,

Sorry if this is the wrong section but as it is a mis-match of components I thought it was best to put it in the general section, please move it if this is wrong!

I am trying to retro-fit a Sony DAB radio into a Mk6 (facelift fiesta). I have a CD345 - MCA Sony DAB unit, part number BS7T-18C939, I also have the antenna base and antenna, the aerial cable itself I am still to order as it is a twin fakra and not the usual fakra/ISO that seems to be most common!

My question relates to the auxilliary input; has anyone fitted this unit and connected up an auxilliary input for it (USB/3.5mm jack)? If so, is it a seperate port on the rear of the unit (as per the standard 6CD unit), or part of the quadlock connector? If the former, then I do not have this so am stuck!

I have done quite a lot of reading on here/ford wiki etc but cannot find a clear definitive solution. I have tried to look at the wiring diagrams, but not knowing 100% where the stereo came from means the diagram from ETIS may be incorrect for my use, and I don't fancy "trial and error" on the expensive unit!


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I have read that one before yes, basing it upon Stoneys comment (below), I should be ok? Mine is not the Audiophile version (and is an 18C939) so it should have the built in amplifier which was Cragrats problem?

For the record, I am trying to fit it to a Fiesta rather than a Focus, although I assume the differences are negligible. If I plug the quadlock connector in everything works on it, although I have no signal obviously.

The dealer said the cable I require is a single item, but from my searching on here it seems the one I require is a two piece so I am slightly skeptical, I may just order it and see!

For a DAB unit to fit in a Focus the Finis code is 1716725 or look for one with a parts serial number containing 18C939.

This would be the radio with single CD, DAB and MP3.

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The aerial cable is a single piece from the base to the A pillar trim (usually) and from there it splits into two wires.

From Ford the two piece wire terminates in a Fakra and a ISO socket.

On GEN2 and later radios the AUX usually plugs into the quadlock connector (there should be a free socket).

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Thanks for that Stoney,

I stripped from a Mk7 fiesta the aerial cable which has the twin Fakra connector, which is a simple 'plug & play'. Would anyone benefit from me writing up a 'guide' for installation?

I also got the auxiliary/USB loom. I have the aux working through the stereo now using the quadlock connector (thanks to JustCONNECT too for that)! Has anyone ever managed to get USB to work on the standard unit (without the connects2 kit)? I.e is it similar to the aux wherein I can connect it to the quadlock? I would like to be able to skip tracks, but not sure if the Sony unit is capable of this!

From the donor car, I also got the Bluetooth/VC/USB module which I understand you need if converting a Mk7, but I haven't seen it done on a Mk6? Failing that, anyone want to buy a module? :p

For the record, I have access to IDS if required.


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