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Fraa's 2013 Fiesta Mk7.5 Titanium


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Hi! I'm Frankie, I live in Belgium and a few months ago I got a brand new Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost (100BHP). I bought it because my previous car, a Ford Focus MK2, broke down on me with a broken flywheel. The car was from 2006 so it was a little too expensive to get it fixed since it wasn't worth that much anymore. I decided to give the car back to the dealer and they gave me some options to look at. One of the first cars I saw was a Moondust Silver Fiesta MK7.5 Titanium and that's the one I eventually picked, it was also a stock car so I could be driving with it within 2 days or so.

Anyway, this is my old car, which I was very sad about to let go. I had put so much money and effort into it and it tore me apart to hand it over :(



But there was an upside, this was the Fiesta when she was waiting to be picked by me :P


The first night at home :D


But after a few days something strange happened, the car wouldn't start. It gave me an error on the dash about the immobiliser function. After half an hour I finally got it to start, but this shouldn't happen in the first place, it's a brand new car! In total I brought it in about three times in a timespan of two weeks before they finally found the cause of the error, a bad connection in the wiring harness :)


When I finally got it back I could finally do some small mods to it, so I had the back windows tinted and a windscreen sun strip.



I got some rubber floormats (winter) and the OEM Aluminium pedal kit:



I also replaced every single lightbulb in the interior with white leds


Then I got a dashcam for christmas :D


This is how the car looked a couple of weeks ago:


As you can see, the winter rims/tyres with the wheelcaps weren't really doing it justice, but it was still too soon to replace them. I decided to just sell the stock rims and tyres (15inch) online so I could start picking out some nice 17 inch wheels with summer tyres. I eventually went for the Tec AS2 by Asa Wheels (Gun Metal).




(click for bigger size)


(click for bigger size)


(click for bigger size)

I also got some custom summer floormats:


The last mod I did was today, some wind deflectors since the wind noise is pretty strong on the highway. With my Focus I didn't hear a thing, but the deflectors solved it and they also look good :)




That's pretty much it, hope you guys like it!

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Thanks! I had about 10 different wheels in mind, I photoshopped them all under my car and I ended up picking these. I wanted them to stand out a little, but I didn't want it to be over the top. I think they came out alright yeah :)

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Welcome to the family Frankie! might I say, the Focus looked sweet as a nut! I honestly had to look hard at one point as the wall reflection on the bodywork, I honestly thought it was camoflaged! that has to be the best polished black motor I have ever seen! so Kudos to you!

Looks like you have a nice little Fez there, whats your plans for her?

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Hehe, well the bodykit was on the Focus when I bought it new from the dealer. There were only three made like that, a yellow one, a silver one and a black one. They wanted to do something different than the normal bodykit you can buy as an extra, so they designed their own. All the other mods were done by me, but I'm a bit older now so I don't really feel like doing it all over again with my Fiesta. Other priorities I guess ;)

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Some small updates I did in the last few days:

New caps for my rims!


And also the OEM footrest:



The next update will be installing the flyeyeskit on my tail lights to make them a little darker :)

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Thanks! Yeah the Focus was my pride and joy, you can imagine how heartbroken I was to let her go -_-

But I'm having fun with the Fiesta, small mods here and there make her a little more unique to me every day :)

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I did some small mods today, very pleased with the look!

I replaced the indicator bulbs of the head and taillights with Philips Silver Vision bulbs, that way you don't have the orange tint in your lights when they're off :)


Then I tinted the tail lights, third stoplight and the reflectors:





I still had some tinting material left, so I did the logo on the steering wheel :D


I've also ordered some black and chrome gel badges for the Ford logo's in the front and back, they should arrive next week.

PS: Tomorrow is cleaning day! Stupid Sahara dust -_-

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It's a dutch online store, you can choose your brand, model and then it'll give you the right mats for that type of car. You can then choose which material you want (felt, felt with lines in it, velours or super velours). The last choice is ofcourse more premium, it's very thick and soft. You can also choose the colour of the mats, the seam and you can put on some text or even a logo.


But since it's Dutch, I doubt you'll understand :P

Better use Google Translate :D

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Yeah they're really good quality and the big plus is that when your driver side mat is worn out, you can just order 1 mat separately. That way you don't have to go out and buy a whole set every time ;)

On another note, I just spent 2 hours cleaning the car. I started out with the foamgun, then I washed it by hand using the 2-bucket system. I also detailed the tyres, rims, windows and all the plastic trims. Quite pleased with the result :)


(Click for bigger size)

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