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Hub Nut Torque setting


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Hi all, My first posting on this forum. My hubby has just looked at the rear brake shoes on my lkle green Fiesta 51 reg, since I complained about a squeeking nose - they are ok luckily.

He now needs to put the central hub nut back on and the Haynes manual says it needs 199 lbft (270 NM) of torque. He says this is a lot? :o is this right? He also says he is gona have to buy a new torque wrench since his only goes up to 150 NM

I searched the web and have seen a quoted figure of 235nm in a couple of places. He says the nut consists of a washer and 4 thin nuts all caged together (30mm socket fits it)

Can any one confirm the value?

Cheers Linda

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Yes, deffo replace the nuts, yes they are an extortionate price.  As a matter of interest I replaced drums, bearings and shoes a few years ago.  I torqued them up to the specified 235Nm, but there was still some play, so I consulted my trusted garage.  He then got a breaker bar the same as mine which is 590mm total length and put all his weight on the handle.  I was wincing at this and could hardly watch.  Still no difference still had play in the bearings.  The mechanic asked what make of bearings they were but I didn’t know.  He said if ***** had been fitted, all would be fine as that’s all they fit at that garage.  I tend to agree with him as it must have been duff bearings.

Anyway to my point, I asked him how they normally torque the 235Nm nut and they said we just do what I’ve just done and use the breaker bar, just like that which surprised me.  My conclusion was that he knew what he was doing and left it there…

NB- I take no responsibility for any outcomes of members reading the above text : - )

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You can feel the 'stop' when using a breaker bar on hub nuts.  The threads are strong enough not to strip or cross with such a large nut (in general!).  You'll probably find most garages just ugga-dugga them with an air gun to save trying to counterhold the wheel while up on a lift.

@Jezmunkeh  It's best not to bump such an old thread for something like this.  If you let us know the exact spec of your car (year, engine, etc) I'll see if I can find confirm the right torque setting.

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