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Air Fresheners


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Ha I was going to ask the same thing. At home I've got a little collection of an S badge, a steering wheel S badge, red led bulbs and a new sponge waiting in anticipation

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You are missing the Gel overlays and the most important thing...

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Ive got one of these and it smells Sweet!


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I love the Blueberry Jelly bean air freshener - had one in my car since Christmas, and it still smells strong.

I have it hanging on the offside rear passenger grab handle as a) I hate them dangling from the mirror and b) it was a little too overpowering lol

(My Dad hates it, which is just another bonus :-P)

Admittedly, it's not quite new car scent, but seems to be lasting well

I will NOT use vent mounted air fresheners any more!!

(They make me sneeze quite violently...as I found out the hard way)

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Autoglym do a nice spray but I prefer the California scent ones. They come in a small tin in either gel or some sort of impregnated fibre.

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The best ive used is from Halfords and you seal the car shut activate the can and turn the fans on full recirculate for 20mins then leave the car to stand for 5mind and then leave all the doors and boot open for an hour then your car smells truly fresh for months and everytime you use the fans too i done it maybe 3 ish months ago and still smells of sweet strawberrys :) and also gets the gf going ;) :D haha

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