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How To Connect Tailgate Release (Dash)Button


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Guys, I have a problem..

I have a tailgate release button build in. It is a double switch: tailgate + ESP.

Now, I want to connect the button to the GEM .

Following the "How To"- topic on "TALK FORD", It doesn't work:

It says that the most far right plug (the brown one), must be unplugged and then connect the wire that goes from the connector on the back of the switch (the wire you must plug in the connector(next to the blue one) in order to do the work) to the BLACK/YELLOW wire.

but that does not give the desired result. The tailgate does not unlock, but the rear window wiper activates.

Logical thinking says : the wrong wire connected and perhaps that's the issue.

But wich is the right one?

That's the big question.

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I have found the answer!

There is a second "BLACK&YELLOW" wire on the same brown plug and this wire is related to the tailgate.

So, if you are wrong with the first wire, the second is the good one :)

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