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What Are These Pipe Connections


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I need to replace to what look like "L" connectors, one connects from the MAF to the engine and the other comes from something on top of the engine.

Can someone identify the bits I require.

This is the connector that runs of the pipe from MAF. You can see the split in that one.


The pipe that connects from that bit of block


Which is here


The split on this one, is on the bottom connector that connects to the engine.

Cheers guys.

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No that pipe is fine, it's the one above on L connector thats split. I can feel suction on it, when I place my finger in the hole. Its the bottom hose on the L that's split, not the one with ECO on but the other one on connector to the ECO pipe.

The one coming from MAF, appears to be caked in oil....

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