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2002 330 Transit Not Starting


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Hi Guys,

I have a problem with my 2002 transit not starting.

over the last month or so very rarely the van would not start and I would hear a clicking noise, but then when I turned the key again the van would start straight away.

yesterday the van turned over and over, clicked and then nothing?

I have charged the battery and even tried starting with jump leads but all I get when I turn the key is dash lights? no noise? no turn over nothing at all...

ive been told its probably the starter motor?

ive looked all over and under the engine but I can not find the starter motor, and ideas or help guys?


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Also I have just discovered I am getting a response when I turn the ignition on, two grey relays at the top right hand side of the engine are clicking

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I'd love to mate but I can't find the starter?

I've been told this evening it's near the gear box? I will have z look in the morning.

If I am getting power what could be the issue?

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a bit of info :-

If the dash lights are coming on and the vehicle makes no attempt to start:

most common cause is the starter motor terminals. These can overheat
and fuse. This type failure is very sudden and shows no warning signs.
The only cure is a replacement starter motor.
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