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Intermitted Alternator Problem Now Full Time.


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since rebuilding my engine due to cambelt snap my alternator light is now on full time (use to come on 2-3 times aday and restart would cure it till it was next restarted)

Iv replaced a decent chunk of alternator wiring and new plug. Also cleaned up the earths im not a total loss atm.

It as a new battery/Alternator/Wiring (10-15inchs from alternator)

What else can i do.other then rebuild a complete new loom to the ecu ?

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Even tho my alternator is only few months old i have now ordered a Genuine Ford item.

This car is killing my pocket. but i love it :)

If this dont cure my problem i will fit a genuine battery. then if all else fails ill sell it :(

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ive heard bad things about those rtx alternators they dont work in any ford from what i know almost every post ive read states that the rtx has always had to be replaced with a genuine item

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I agree the RTX alternators are crap you should be able to return it to eurocarparts as not fit for purpose. Its not just Fords its every car was looking for a replacement alternator for a different car and they seemed good value for money but considering the dont work they aint shocked companies still sell them.

Hopefully the new one will sort all your problems out fingers crossed!

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