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Hi Fuel Pressure Fault

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I'm new the forum and hope someone might be able to help. I have an 07 plate 1.8 Tdci focus which has been great and trouble free, till last week. When starting, the car ran for a few seconds then shut off and when I tried to re-start stated 'engine system fault'.

RAC plugged computer in allowing did something which allowed him to start it again and it showed the fuel pressure was too high. After a few minutes of running and a bit of throttle all went to normal and a bit a dirt was suspected. 2 days later same issue.

The car once started following resetting with the computer then runs without fault, possibly fuel pressure sensor, mass air sensor? Trying to think what the issue could be without putting it into the garage and them changing all sorts of parts and me getting a huge bill!!

Anyone suggest the issue?


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