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Mondeo Stalls Once A Day


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Hello Ford Forum,

i'm a first time forum poster,

hope you can help with my problem.

We have a Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci automatic first reg'ed march '03, 47000 miles,

the car is fairly new to us but was my dad's car,

it sat for about 18months not being used due my dad's ill health,

occasionally being turned over or driven round the block and subsequently needing a new battery,

we now own the car as my dad can no longer drive,

their is a problem with it, it always stalls roughly a mile from the house,

usual warning lights, put the brakes on, into park and the car restarts no bother,

we had a recent full service and the garage detected no fault codes coming up on their computers.

it still happens!! but only ever once.

any ideas ?

the steering feels flighty at times but other than that it drives great.

fingers crossed.


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What warning lights? I'm not familiar with automatics at all but my first thought would be a fuelling problem, maybe a blocked fuel filter, especially if the fuel's been stood unused for 18 months. Was the fuel filter changed during the service?

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thanks for your replies,

BigD - warning lights are battery / oil / brake, along the top row,

fuel filter renewed along with air and oil filters.

The Admiral - happens when taking foot off accelerator

as my foot is going for the brake (its an automatic)

car stalls and have to put into park and restart.

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