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Flat Battery This Morning.

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Any ideas?

My battery was flat this morning for no apparent reason? .......so a great start to the day, Anyway I got it jumped started and its been fine since? I checked all switches etc to see if I left anything on but nothing showing??? But I have noticed the cd multi changer under the passenger seat has been making strange clonking sound continuously once the ignition is switched off. I can't believe that completely drained the battery overnight?? Anyway I have taken the cartridge out tonight and fingers crossed I'm fine for the morning, Has anyone else heard this noise from the changer?

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It sounds like it could well be the drain of the car, it sounds like there is a perspective wiring issue that is causing it to stay alive after shutdown, and it is a motor powering the cd changer, so its not exactly a small output.

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Thanks for the reply.

It started on the button today but that was after I disconnected the changer so it does look like it the changer/wiring has a problem. I plan to test the complete system over the weekend so hopefully I can find the problem...but if not I'll do without the changer as I use my ipod these days.

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Sorry for the late reply. No sign of any dampness around the changer and it seems like the problem has gone away ...BUT I have needed to replace my sat nav / Stereo system as that also packed up. I managed to find the same unit for £200 so very happy because those systems go for many hundreds of pounds. Anyway since connecting the changer to that system all seems well....so maybe the fault was in my old stereo???

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