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Led Sidelights...legal???

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This has probably been covered many times before but I'm a new boy so could someone clear this up for me please.

Can I legally fit white LED sidelights to my Focus and drive on a public road without getting a pull from the police?


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Theoretically, the bulbs need to be E Marked to be legal, however, I purchased many LED Bulbs for my car, none of which are E Marked, and I have never had any issues with the police, or the MOT.

The only exception was I got a gack set of LED brake lights, and the bobbies thought they were busted, when in fact they were just dim, so I got pulled, checked and let off.

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Thanks for the replies.

What about the brightness issues at night? I fitted led lights last year but took them out the following day because they looked too bright for other drivers.

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