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Hi All

Took my car for a major service and cam belt change at my local ford dealer. half way home heard a horrible whining noise from the engine and the steering got heavier and heavier. got home and popped the bonnet and there was red oil splattered everywhere and leaking on the ground. Im guessing the power steering pump has gone. I rang them as soon as I got home and they said they will pick it up in the morning.

As it was fine before taking it to the garage, am I right in assuming they will repair it for free?

any help will be appreciated.


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to do the timing belt, they probably disconnected the pump reservoir and swung it to one side, or removed it..if the leak is from the low pressure hose/connections then may have a case, but think these models had a common issue with the pas high pressure pipe to pump seals which may possibly been disturbed but doubt you'll get any comeback for it..

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