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Cigarette Lighter Socket .. Bulb Replacement


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The bulb has blown on my cig power socket (still has power supply though) on my 2010 mk4 Mondeo

I know it's a 5w bulb replacement and you have to take the ashtray unit out completely, but I'm having problems. I have unclipped the plastic fascia trim (silver) that goes round edge outside of ashtray area but I can't seem to be able to pull the trim free from the dash ..... Googling it it seems I have to remove all the trim round the gearstick as well as the trim around the cup holders..... Surely not???

Once I can remove this trim I know all I have to do is push in the spring clip to release but it's getting the trim out the way first!

Surely this SHOULD be an easy job? No mention of this bulb replacement in the handbook either

Thanks in advance for advice from anyone who's done this already


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I fixed it.... Yes I did have to remove the entire trim from cup holders to ashtray as well as the main front panel to enable pulling out of ashtray unit....... I must say the design is awful! It took several fittings of the bulb and still it wouldn't work. Had to manipulate the flimsy connectors in the bulb holder AND pull out the tiny wires on the capless bulbs to enable good contact.

All working now as Ford intended but, If it goes again, I think I will just put up with it!!

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ALSO A warning to any others doing this.... Once i put the new bulb in and connected the power supply to the bulb holder, I turned on the lights and NOTHING HAPPENED ......... after several goes i thought i had a duff bulb, until I realised that the cig socket needs to be connected too, AND the ignition needs to be on as well for the light to work!!

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