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Water Leaking From Coolant Bottle Expansion Tank Fiesta 1,4 Tdci

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I have a Fiesta 2007 48k. Injectors had blow by and got new seals put in. A small piece of carbon went into the chamber and head had to come off. All put back together and got car back. Trouble is the car could tick over for an hour or more and nothing a 4-5 mile drive all fine.

Then you could do a short drive and water would bow from the expansion tank cap. Dry off and could be okay for 30 40 mile then do it again.

Mechanic is lost as to what it could and so am I. He has test driven and kept for a couple of days with no issues.

A new head gasket was put on. Temp gauge in the car is spot on and no fan coming on. Brand new Ford expansion Tank put on car and no difference.

Any ideas Thank you

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Hi John, i have excatly the same problem with my smax 2007 1.8 tdci, Had engine rebuild about year ago.I just bought this car few days ago and today i put new expansion tank and termostat and is no difference. can live car running for hours and its ok, whenever start driving after few miles water is blowing out of expansion tank and i have everything covered with collant by the side is tank located.please let me know if you get that fix. Many Thanks

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Have you guys possibly got a damaged expansion tank? If there is even the slightest pin prick hole in the tank itself, this could cause the issue. Whilst almost invisible to the naked eye, when the tank is under heat and pressure, the water would be forced out significantly?

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