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Puddle Lights Bulbs/ Reg Plate

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Hi Y'all,

Does anyone know what L.E.D's I could put in the puddle lights in my mirrors and reg plate of my mk4 Mondeo ?,One of my mates as a new motor and the door handles / reg plate have bright white LE.D's in them and they look brilliant .

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Most of the reg light units are T10 bulbs,

Log on to ebay to purchase some 6000kelvin T10 can bus error free bulbs

When fitting LED Bulbs, they only work in one direction,

So remove standard bulb,

Turn on the light,

Fit the led,

If it doesnt illuminate,

Unplug the bulb,

Rotate it 180degrees

Plug it in,

Will work this time,

Its the nature of leds and fixed polarity,

Every bulb in your car can be upgrade from standard yellow tint to 6000k white,

But make sure you purchase canbus error free led,

Cree are a great manufacturer of reverse bulbs in led form aswell but purchase from within the uk,

Avoid chinese replica stock,

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Ive got a 57 plate mondeo and they take 501's so Ive ordered cree led replacements off a well known auction site for the sidelights, puddles and rear reg plate, will see what they are like when they turn up

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