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Car Going Into Limp Mode

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Hi all,

I hope someone may be able to shed some light on this issue I'm having with my mk3 2006 mondeo 2.2 tdci. 146k on the clock

It all started when we had the floods recently. i drove through a puddle and the coil light started flashing and the car was then in limp mode.

Got home, switched it off and switched it back on and the car was back to normal.

It was a fairly intermittent fault but now its starting to happen on a daily basis.

The only patterns i am noticing is.

When under power pulling up a hill it goes into limp mode. (not all the time)


I can tell when it will go into limp mode because the fuel gauge will be showing a rapid fuel loss.

For instance: it will say 100 miles remaining then with in a few miles it will say 25 miles remaining. Then the coil light will start flashing, into limp mode. switch car off and on, then ill have 100+ miles in the tank.

Also,if the car has gone into limp mode alot during one day i find the engine management light comes on.

Any ideas?

thanks for your help in advance


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it was the local one to my work where all my cars go - i think it was a snap on code reader looked similar to this


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