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Relays Buzzing?


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Hi Everyone, new member here, and just bought a Mark 3 mondeo! Didnt happen on the test drive, but when I got her home and was pushing various buttons, and especially the two screen heater buttons, I heard a fast buzzing/ticking sort of sound, my immediate thought was the relays, as it 'seemed' to come from just in front of the driver side, and under the bonnet.

As its dark I didnt bother to look at the relays just yet, but anyone heard or know of this odd problem? Funny thing is, when I turned the key off, and on again, pressing the buttons didnt recreate that sound. But I will be testing again tommorow in the light

Cheers for now!

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My mk3 use to do that too.... A minute or so after switching off there was loud buzzing/ ticking from behind the dash.

Funny thing is my 2010 mk4 does the same thing too..... Must be a Ford "quirk"!!


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Has it got climate control. You may have activated the reset procedure which runs a load of checks and adjusts the flaps etc.

Yes it has a button for aircon.

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Aircon and climate control are different. If you have just an aircon button and no digital temperature control with auto button its not climate control in which case it wouldn't have a reset function. Worth a try anyway.

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