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Engine High Revs


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Hi .

I noticed recently that my S-Max 1.8 disel , when it is a stationary position the engine revs are above 1 or higher . It like as if it was a petrol engine with the old style choke in it .

I have the car for over 5 year now and he has been running like a dream.

Would it need a new clutch ?

any ideas

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I wouldn't immediately think of clutch. There are many other factors which would indicate it is slipping.

Certain loads on the engine can increase the revs, like the A/C, quickclear screens, etc. Even if it is cold, it will not idle as low.

If you do want to test the clutch, there are various ways you can check. Pulling away up a steep hill, pulling away in 2nd gear, trying to slowly lunge with the handbrake on, trying 5th gear at 30.

Just make sure you are aware and prepared around you in case the car does something unexpected.

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My focus does this all the time since I brought it 2 years ago.

Never had any issues with it.

In the cold mornings it's just warming itself up and when warm you notice the revs drop.

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