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Sort This Rust Out, Easy Or Not


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Its definitely doable but ideally you'd want the screen out as its so close to the rubber. Is the car cheap?

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After talking to a few people, am staying well away, and now looking at a Xr31 convertible

That's probably sensible (well, the 'staying away from this example' part, anyway), but sensible isn't always the most fun.

I'd guess that the area around the top of the hatch is do-able - stress concentration from the hinges, maybe. It would be work, certainly, but you can get at both sides and I'm not sure how much you'd have to cut away to get rid of all the rust (and, if you don't get rid of all the rust, it will be back).

The base of the windscreen would be harder. It is not so much that there is lots of welding, more that you'd have to disassemble the car into nuts and bolts to do it. Well, wings off, dashboard out to even get started. And, I bet when you did that, you find a few more currently hidden horror stories that you hadn't anticipated.

And it is stressed area and if you don't do it right the car will be dangerous (crumble in an impact) and might fail an MoT...but then, I guess that's a chance you have to take.

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