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Ford Focus 1.6 Studio Eco Massive Engine Problems

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Hi all,

This problem has been causing us headaches and wondering if their is a common problem with the engine. The car has been fitted with a replacement engine prior to the purchase by our local garage.

The heaters will not work, the engine is making a horrendous noise, it originally blew the pipe off, the engine is over heating, it is loosing water, but from where we have no idea. And the water is a murky grey colour.

It has had the thermostat changed as our mechanic thought it was that. he drove many many miles on it and it didn't cause one problem, it passed it's MOT, and after getting it back has started all over again.

Our mechanic is totally and utterly confused by the whole thing, hence the reason I am wondering has anyone ever had the same problem. the first time it did this, the whole engine shut down.

I'm nit wanting to try loads of different problem solving. Just would love to hear from anyone who has had the same problem, and how did they solve it. We are n a really tight time scale


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