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Hi all, I have an 06 Mondeo TDCi 2.2 Has 150K

When I have the windows down and in a built up area, I can here what sounds like a rumble or similar to an exhaust blow. When I dip the clutch it goes. When the car is stationary, the noise is not present, its only under-load, in all gears.

I don't know if this is normal as only owned the car for a few weeks. I've never driven with the windows down. :wacko: I know my 02 Mondeo TDi doesn't make this noise, but i heard another model the same as mine go past today, that sounded noisy too.

Any one help me on this one?

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It wasn't the dual mass clutch because it had the conversion by the previous owner. I purchased the DMF clutch kit with slave cylinder. Upon replacement, I found the slave cylinder was the culprit. Anyway, as I will be towing a heavy trailer tent with this car, I think it's best I have the DMF. With the SMF, the clutch felt sloppy although, the clutch plate looked fine. Feels perfect now and a piece of mind knowing it has what's meant to be in it.


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