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Key Isn't Working

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Hi, my key opens the doors manually and starts the car but I can't get it to remote lock/unlock.

I've replaced the battery and done the re coding thing...

Turn to position II/off 4 times till it beeps then while in off position pressed buttons on key but I'm getting nothing.

Am I doing it right or missing something stupid?

Amy ideas what else I can try?

Thank folks.

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Are you turning to off or position 1? From my understanding, when you hear the noise press a button on the key fob and you should hear a second noise, then remove the key and it should work.

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I've just read my last reply.

I'm sure my predictive text is trying get me in trouble. Sorry.

If I go from 2 to 1 then nothing happens..I get the bong noise if I go from 2 to off.

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Yeah, I'm doing it exactly the same as on the video and getting the first tone but nothing when I press a button. I've replaced the battery and double checked but everything looks ok in the key. I could do with a pic of how it fits together to double check the spring parts but I'm clutching at straws there tbh.

I think it's simply a case of a knackered key.

I have this remote key and a normal key that Opens the doors and starts the car.

If it is simply a knackered key how do I sort another one?

Thanks for your patients.

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I did this a few days ago on my mondeo, took me a few attempts to get the hang of it.

You can also try going from 0 to 2 four times in 3 seconds. this would then cause the beep, you then press and hold for a few seconds the button on the key you want to program. if I didnt do it this way, the car forgot the other key.

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I'll try that, cheers.

I'm pretty sure the key is dead though.

I have the remote key and the blue tag one so how would I get another remote sorted without paying hundred quid out?

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There is a programming technique with the blue chip I believe, its somewhere on the web, but I cant recall at the moment! its just a case of turning the programming key a few times and then turning the new key in the lock.

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If I take the guts out of my key and put them into another key would that key work?

I'm thinking it'd show me if it's the insides or the buttons that isn't working.

The unlock works now and again but the lock and boot buttons won't work at all.

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