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Diesel Overfuelling

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the injector on this particular cylinder has been reconditioned. what i need to know is can the injector pump deliver more fuel on just one cylinder? the pump is a fly by wires Bosch rotary pump. regards,stanman

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tried that early on, problem still persisted! even changed inj with spare! checked timing, replaced belt and tensioner, compression tested 400 psi on all pots. checked valve clearances all ok. removed head no witness marks! removed piston no damage to big end or small end ! had every thing double checked by engineers all ok. im left with suspected diesel knock [overfuelling on No 1 cylinder . Could ecu be delivering extra fuel just on one pot? regards, Stanman

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if i crack the injector nut on No 1 noise stops. everyone said it was big or small end failure but this has been disproved on strip down! i am now looking for needles in haystacks :( :unsure::wacko: :wacko:

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