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Poor Starting When Warm

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Hi i have a 2006 mk3 mondeo with the 2.0 TDCI engine.

I have a problem with starting the engine if it is already warm. After i have stopped the engine, eg. when filling with fuel, and then try and start it again it can sometimes take 20+ seconds of turning over before it will run. It usually then runs really rough at very low RPM before smoothing out at the expected idle speed after a blip of throttle.

This same problem occurs with or without running a glowplug warming cycle and the warmer the engine the worse it seams to be. When the engine is cold it starts up perfectly fine every time.

I plan on having a look round the engine bay for split pipes ect, but thought i would ask out on here for any suggestions.

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Providing the car is in good mechanical (and electrical) condition it is quite likely just trapped exhaust gases in the cylinders which is causing your poor starting issue.

There's an easy solution though (this needs to be timed just right) which involves pressing the throttle down all the way literally as you switch the ignition off i.e. as the revs start dropping press that throttle down all the way. This will cause it to dump all the exhaust gases from the cylinders so they won't interfere with the next time you go to start the car and it's still warm.

Hope that helps.


EDIT: My sincerest apologies, ignore what I said above. My tired brain didn't notice you mentioned it was a diesel (and attempting the trick I mentioned above would risk possible damage to the turbo bearings as it's chain driven and so would not have a pressurised oil feed after the car is switched off unlike a lot of aftermarket turbo additions I know of). I would suggest checking the temperature sensor, a clogged or dirty EGR could/might cause issues and also possibly the injectors. I'm not too familiar with the location of the temp sensor on the TDCi so I can't help there but I'd say it would probably be easier to check that first before the EGR or the injectors. Sorry again for the confusion.

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