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Tapping Noise From Engine.

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Evening all new to the site so hi everyone.

I have a mk 5 02 plate fiesta in black.

Engin size it ment to be a 1.25. But its had a 1.4 zetec s fitted.

My problem is when engine is running theres a tapping noise that has stated. Not had any problems for over 6 months.

It gets faster and faster the more I increase in speed.

oil thats in engine it 5w/30.

Any help please.

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could be a few things,obviously its related to the speed of the engine so could be one of the belts.Is it coming from the engine bay i take it?~

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Sounds like a pulley is on its way out to be honest, I would advise you check the timing belt and make sure its not damaged and try moving the pulleys by hand, or rolling them by hand and replace the offending pulley.

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