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Car Radio Unlocking Code Help

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Hi, I have a mondeo tdci 2009 and the battery was disconnected after having a new starter motor fitted, I have no code, also the radio says to wait 30 mins if you switch it on, I'm being very blonde and not sure what to do

Can any one help plz

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Request for radio codes is not allowed
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you need to take your stereo out and get the serial number. once you have that look on ebay for v-codes and buy the service - about £2.99

I did it recently and got my code within minutes.

Alex, maybe you mods could add a sticky about the service on ebay?

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Alternatively, if you start the car and press the numbers 1 and 6 together, this should display the serial number on screen, you can use this to order a code off ebay. I will likely have to do this shortly as I dont have a code either.

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and depending on how much front you have?you may want to try this,

i had to change my battery on my smax a few weeks back and didnt have the code.on 1st phone call to the supplying dealer they said it would cost £15 to get the code.left it a couple of days and phoned them again THIS time i said i had bought the car from them new and the code wasnt in my paper work,NO problem sir it should be on our system.yep it was and they gave it to me free of charge. :D

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i think this is another con to the mug punter.if the code isnt supplied in the paper work then why should the customer pay for it.

i have all the paperwork on my car from new im the 2nd owner,yes even the stereo card and guess what?yep its blank.

1 local ice specalist wanted £45 to take the radio out to get the serial number and then generate a code for me.i politley told them to DO ONE.

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