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Focus Glow Plug Light Flashing

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hi I have recently brought a 1.8tdci 2003 focus but when I was driving it home the turbo kicked in and then the glow plug light started flashing now every time the turbo kicks in the glow plug light flashes and fells like the turbo isn't working although I can hear it working and if I turn it off and start it back up the light goes out until it gets to the boost on the turbo and the car is fine if you don't let it go on the boost has anyone got any ideas ??/

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the glow plug light can be used as an additional Engine Malfunction light. Its possible that although its spinning up, its not putting enough of the air pressure into the engine, so check the intercooler pipes and hoses to make sure that their are no cracks or splits.

The easiest way to tell is to get someone to rev the car whilst you listen under the bonnet, if you hear a whistle or a hiss, then this could indicate a leak.

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