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C Max 1.6 Tdci Cutting Out

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I have had problems with my C Max cutting out in some instances.

The problem occurs only after:

1. Leaving at tick over for more than a couple of mins, then when you depress the accelerator it cuts out.

2. After backing off the throttle approaching junctions and roundabouts etc, when you get back on the throttle it cuts out.

Various lights, Codes and Messages were displayed but mostly but not always, the red ENGINE SYSTEM FAULT would display, if I turned the engine off and restarted it would be ok for another few mins.

Using my Linksys Code Reader, I originally had codes for the EGR Valve closed, and Fuel Pressure low.

First job was to change the fuel filter, I did not find it necessary to use a hand primer, just fill the filter with fresh diesel, and tilt it sideways with your finger over the return pipe to enable you to fill the filter right to the top, it restarted straight away.

Unfortunately after ticking over for a couple of mins it cut out when depressing the accelerator again, but as before it restarted again ok.

Next job was to check the Camshaft sensor, as the ones that have a black tip have been reported to have problems after a time, and ford now supplies Camshaft Sensors witch are all grey with a grey tip.

As I had already decided that I would also be cleaning out my EGR Valve, I found Lennys guide to blanking off your EGR Valve on here, and decided to go ahead with that as well.

Lennys excellent guide to dismantling everything to get to the EGR Valve, allowed me to also easily access my Camshaft Sensor after also removing the End Camshaft Cover.

Undo the one star drive screw on the sensor, and pull out of the Camshaft Sensor Hole sitting behind the Camshaft wheel.

I found that if you did not unclip the sensor plug, and pulled it all out from the camshaft, it was easier to get out without dropping, likewise if you fit the sensor plug to the sensor before re fitting, you won't drop it as it is a fairly fiddly job to relocate into its hole.

Before I went on to clean the EGR Valve, I needed to start the engine, and find out if I had cured the cutting out problem by replacing the Camshaft Sensor.

After making sure that everything was clear of the cam belt, she started up 1st time, and after ticking over for 10 mins throttled up with no problems.

Took it out for a test run, and the problem was fixed, so there you have it, a £18 Camshaft Sensor from Ford and my car is fixed.

Just a word of warning, I phoned a parts shop for a sensor, and was quoted £28, so cheaper from ford, and the fuel filter from ford was £38, but from Delphi who actually make the filter the price was £12, so worth looking around.

I am now going to fit an EGR blanking plate made from stainless steel purchased from ebay for £3.75 inc free delivery, with the help of Lennys brilliant guide.

Thank you Lenny.

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