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S Max Engine Malfunction Light


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Hi all, a month into S Max ownership (2010 2.0 TDCi) and the Engine Malfunction light appeared this morning. I was close to the garage where I purchased so took it in and they flushed through and re set the 'base' code for the fuel system? 10 mins after driving away and it came back on, switched off for half an hour, it had gone but a further 10 mins driving and its back.......

I've read lots about the Fuel Vapourizer, if this was faulty would the error reset and come back as above? Would have thought it would be on all the time

Its going to go back in on Monday and very much hoping it will be covered by an RAC Gold warranty????

Any help on the error or the warranty greatly appreciated

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Hi Martin, I don't sorry. When the mechanic told me the light was off and they had flushed the system through, I mentioned the fuel vapourizer and he said that was exactly the problem but the flushing and reset had worked following a test drive. I forgot to get the code in my brief state of relief - despite having a few written down which I got from this forum - when I collected it. Will be sure to get on Monday & I will re post


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Hi all, just run the self diagnostic on the dash and get 2 error codes DTC C41668 and DTC C42268

After running the car today it takes approx 10mins for the 'Engine Malfunction' & amber warning triangle to come on. The car runs perfectly fine with no loss in power whilst they are on

Any help much appreciated

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here :-

C41668 = Invalid Data Received From Vehicle Dynamics Control Module C42268 = Invalid Data received from the Body Control Module Broadcast

the only thing i can find is a voltage drop, no other answer, been looking for 30mins or so now... sorry

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