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Ford Capri Jps

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My dad used to own a Capri JPS 3.0 V6 many years ago. Bit of a legendary Ford apparently but before my time. He was saying that it would challenge my new Fez ST-2 but then I took him for a spin in the Fez and he changed his mind lol.

Doesn't take anything away from the JPS though: http://www.retrocaricons.com/article/Capri_Mk_II_John_Players_Special_122

Anyone else familiar with the JPS?

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in its day the capri 3.0 v6 was the dogs dangly bits if you could keep it on the road as they were very tail happy,typical they bourght out the skorpion suspension kit to cure this just as the capri was discontinued, but with 40 years of technical inprovement and advancement you just can not compare the two, myself i would have the capri any day but then i am old school

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my cousin used to own a 2.8 version,very fast in a straight line and as said a nightmare round corners,so he used to have 2 bags of sand in the boot.

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